0300 Splendour Meditation (Full CD Digital Download)

Splendour Yoga


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Splendour Meditation

by Lynnette Dickinson

Track 1: Introduction

Track 2: Meditation in the moment - practices in mindfulness
In Meditation in the Moment you are guided towards becoming mindful in your everyday life, with different practices for different situations and then a suggestion for putting them together into a daily practice. 

Track 3: Concentration
In Concentration you will learn how to develop and expand your power of concentration. Repeat the practice until you feel comfortable and then extend the length of time in stillness by pausing the CD, and when you are ready you can move on to the Body Meditation. 

Track 4: Body Meditation
In Body Meditation you will be guided through a body contemplation meditation practice. To make the most of the practice, begin with some gentle stretching and a brief relaxation, then find a comfortable meditation posture and relax into stillness.