Find your spark of splendour through yoga

Would you like to experience greater vitality and physical wellbeing?

Dru yoga is a flowing form of yoga focussing on keeping our joints soft, working within the comfort of our own bodies and finding the stillness within all action.

Yoga will teach your body to sit, stand and move in balance, regardless of where you begin. Yoga works with strength and flexibility to ensure the correct alignment of your spine in all postures, resulting in an increase in your vitality through your whole body.

I specialise in teaching:

  • yoga for chronic illness
  • yoga for disability
  • yoga for crisis

I have taught yoga to people of all ages and physical abilities, in many different situations, including childcare centres, schools, workplace classes, public classes and private lessons.

Learn how to establish your own personal practice that fits your life style and goals.

If you would like to:

  • attend a class;
  • arrange a class for your students;
  • arrange a class for your staff;
  • or develop a personal program in private lessons.

Please contact me and find your spark of splendour through yoga.


First of all thank you very much for the valuable DVD. I went through it several times and i think it is going to work for me at home. Also I got some information about yoga, specially, Dru yoga in your website.  As a beginner I think it is important to know about the basics of yoga. 

Also after joining your class I have a huge improvement in my health. The combination of yoga, meditation and relaxation is the ideal way for me to fight against my arthritis.

Thank you so much....Hope to see you today !!!!
Have a wonderful day !!!!