Journey to Peace through Yoga, was very important to me in my own journey through acute illness. Lynnette writes with humanity, humour, quiet wisdom and without a shred of sentimentality about her own journey through ill-health to wholeness. It is a story of emotional and spiritual resilience which would inspire any reader – it is about the importance of developing a spiritual practice to steady you through challenges (emotional and spiritual) of life. It’s also one the best books I have read about yoga and meditation and how to apply them liberally to a normal busy family life. It’s a deeply empowering book. Lynnette is not writing about a miracle cure – but a way of living which truly does bring peace in challenging times. It guided me through my own health crisis but remains with me as a reminder to cultivate wholeness and peace at all other times too.

Charlotte Bazely


First of all thank you very much for the valuable DVD. I went through it several times and i think it is going to work for me at home. Also I got some information about yoga, specially, Dru yoga in your website.  As a beginner I think it is important to know about the basics of yoga. 

Also after joining your class I have a huge improvement in my health. The combination of yoga, meditation and relaxation is the ideal way for me to fight against my arthritis.

Thank you so much....Hope to see you today !!!!

Have a wonderful day !!!!



I like my Dru Yoga with Lynette – it’s beneficial fun. The gentle pace benefits much of my body and breathing, and my attitude. The gentle stretching has relieved years of muscular back pain that no other method could. I now stand taller, breathe more freely, and am more agile. The Dru Yoga techniques are purposeful, easy, and at one’s pace.  It’s good to do.

David Kelly


I have now been attending Lynnette Dickinson's Dru Yoga classes for a number of years and the positive impact on my health has been noticeable. The classes are deceptively gentle but powerful in their impact. Over time I've noticed increased flexibility, a calming of my emotions and a strengthening of my resolve. I'm definitely a much more relaxed person these days. Dru yoga seems to work on many levels, not just the physical.

Lynnette makes sure we don't take ourselves too seriously and her classes usually involve a bit of laughter. Some days I might arrive feeling stiff and a bit low in spirits but I always leave a class feeling much better than when I arrived.

Marie Ryan


Curtin Primary testimonial

Lynette Dickinson has been supporting students in my classes at Curtin Primary for the last year and a half. She teaches yoga, mindfulness and meditation on a Friday which makes for such a relaxing end to the week. My students enjoy it so much that if we miss out on a session due to school commitments they often urge me to call and organise a make-up session. In our time with Lynette we start by focusing on others, by building mindfulness, empathy and discussing what it is to be a positive global citizen. We then focus on ourselves in yoga to build flexibility, strength and reducing negative thoughts. Finally we let ourselves go in guided meditation giving the students a rare opportunity in the business of primary school to relax and just enjoy the quiet and stillness. Lynette instantly made connections and built positive rapport with the students with her kind and caring nature. While the sessions benefit all students, they have also been able to reduce one student’s stress induced pseudo seizures. For many students her visits are the highlight of their week.

Hugh Peoples
Curtin Primary teacher


Before I started meditating with Lynnette, I was a bit reluctant. People can thrust on you as a fix-all when you have a chronic illness; and my muscles just wouldn't' relax.Lynnette has an understanding of chronic illness like no-one else I've come across in a health profession…or anywhere. I am now a complete convert, and she's even trained my muscles to let go! With private sessions she brilliantly and sneakily weaves all your issues of the week into the guided narrative, so you barely notice, but feel much better.  It would be a sad day if she retired, but I now have the confidence to go it alone!

Now… I promised a poem testimonial...

A spark of splendour
Is all you need 
To terraform the mind
and transform barren landscapes, 
into thriving oases.