Find your spark of splendour through meditation

Do you want to learn how to find stillness and spaciousness in your life?

If you answered yes, come and learn how to meditate with Dru.

Increasingly we hear about the benefits of using meditation to manage and prevent illness, while reducing our experience of stress in everyday life.

Dru Meditation will nurture your mind into a state of stillness, with practices of great gentleness and kindness.

A typical Dru class includes:

  • Gentle movement to settle your body;
  • Relaxation to release physical and energetic tension;
  • Breathing practice to expand and settle your breath; and
  • Guided meditation, including concentration exercises to still your mind.

I love to teach meditation in the workplace, public classes or private lessons to develop a personal program and address specific issues.

Learn how to develop your own personal practice so you can experience the benefits of meditation in your life, every day.

I specialise in teaching visualisation and meditation through crisis.

To find your spark of splendour through meditation, please contact me now.