My Experiments with Love – Day 11

Day 11 conclusions:

  • Today I learnt that I could bask in the sensations of love for an extended period while being in the world.
  • Creating a background mood of love and compassion by regularly meditating on love is like living in an upside down cake.


Well, there is really not much more to add to these conclusions. I taught yoga and sustained the feeling of love, I conversed and sustained the feeling of love, occasionally touching my forefinger, and I was able to listen to other people’s anxieties without either taking them on or judging, just giving them a loving ear. It changes my perspective on everything and allows us all to simply be who we are.

And generally the whole practice of generating a background mood of love and compassion turns my minute-to-minute life upside down. It used to be that I felt like the anxiety and fear sat underneath and I put the love on top, but today it felt the other way around, so I felt the love underneath and any concern sat on top – an upside down cake. This enabled a deep sense of calm that under laid everything and meant that any concern I experienced during the day did not displace the love, rather it was held in love.

On reflection, perhaps the other way was the upside down cake.

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