My Experiments with Love - Day 10

Day 10 conclusions:

  • A background mood of love reveals thought patterns and reactions that are not love and stops me from going down the rabbit hole.
  • In the mood of love I can allow myself to be vulnerable.


It seems to me that many people think that enlightenment and or alignment with wisdom, spirit purpose or god means that shit doesn’t happen and that’s not the case. Shit still happens but one’s reaction changes.

The things that’s different is that when the excrement hits the fan in a background mood of love, whether it’s a perceived offence to one’s ego or a health threat, one’s usual reaction stands out like dogs balls, which then offers the opportunity to do something different.

I have felt this several times today: reactions that are so obviously not love that I have noticed immediately and chosen to evoke love. I then had a choice to respond, to choose something different to going down the rabbit hole.

So I don’t need to be afraid of my reaction, I don’t need to be perfect, and each time I replace the rabbit hole with love the rabbit hole decreases and the response of becomes stronger … more natural.  

Oh, and in the mood of love I can allow myself to be vulnerable in the moment I am feeling vulnerable – I don’t have to be perfect. This is new for me.

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